Doug's Trash Removal FAQ & Answers

How do I sign up for service?

You can sign up for trash service by calling the Doug‘s Trash Removal office at (607)898-3220.  You can also come into our office to sign up for service.  The Doug’s Trash Removal office is located at 105 West South Street in Groton, NY 

How does the Tompkins County trash tag system work?


Tompkins County Law states that all trash placed curbside must be properly tagged.  We cannot and will not take trash that is not properly tagged.  Doug’s Trash Removal tags are $14.50 for a sheet of 12-tags.  Each tag is good for one (1) 30-gallon/25-pound bag of garbage.

How should I tag my garbage?

If you place your bags curbside (not in a trash container), every single trash bag must have a Doug’s Trash Removal sticker.

If you place your bags in a trash can, please ensure that ALL Doug’s Removal trash tags are visible.  We recommend tagging the handle of your can or the top bag with enough tags to cover the weight of your trash.  As a reminder, each trash tag is good for one (1) 30-gallon/25lb bag of garbage.

Please limit the total weight of your trash can to 50 pounds.  Please do not use oversized trash cans; we recommend a 30 gallon trash container.  This for sanitary reasons and to reduce the risk of injury.

* As a reminder, all garbage must be placed curbside by 7am on your trash pick-up day. 

Why was my trash left behind?


All garbage left behind by our drivers will be tagged.  This tag will explain the reason for your trash not being removed.  

 You forgot to tag your trash!  Please remember that Tompkins County law states that ALL trash curbside  must be properly tagged.  We cannot legally remove  your garbage without proper tags.  

If your trash was left behind and there is NO sticker present, your trash was likely not curbside in time.  We have a 6-bag per week limit.  ALL garbage must be curbside by 7am on your trash pick-up da 


Each Doug’s Trash Removal Trash Tag is good for 1 (one) 25 pound bag of garbage.  Your trash bag or trash can did not have enough tags to  cover the weight.


 To reduce the risk of injury and for sanitary concerns, ALL trash cans must not exceed 50 pounds in total weight and must be properly tagged.  Even if you have enough tags to cover the weight (i.e. 3 trash tags to cover 75 pounds of weight), your trash will be left behind because you exceeded our maximum limit.  Reduce this problem by using multiple cans or by ensuring your trash is out every week.